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If you could predict it, put your prediction in the comments section. You could be the chosen one to win some goodies…

Just put the name of the chapter and the option selected and write down your prediction in the comments section.

Do you have it in you to become the Author of the World’s First Interactive Crowd Authoring Platform?

Contribute your version of the story, feel free to submit your story in the comments section for the chapter you want to continue with. If your part of the story sounds good to our moderators, your story will be published on Storypedia and it will be open for users to contribute to it. The more the contributions you give the better the chance of yours to become an official author of Storypedia.

Tips :

  • Try writing a story which is already published so you will know what are the possibilities of the coming parts and can merge the story into it
  • Keep the story of similar length of his predecessor version, for e.g. if the previous version is long-form then write long forms if it is short form then write short form
  • Avoid using profanity in the language, storypedia is open for all ages. A grammatical error can be accepted but profanity will deter your chance
  • We love to see your creativity and imagination so please do not copy, plagiarize someone’s content. Make your own mark.

Please go through the author’s guidebook to understand your roles and responsibilities.

Author’s Guidebook

Don’t forget to put the title of the chapter and the option for which you want to write the story about.

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