Balance is everything


Out of the three friends Rashid took the most thoughtful approach. He wasn’t too impulsive nor was he influenced by ads and advice of people. He heard everything, took all advice of people but then carefully pondered over each option and carefully made his decision. He came to the conclusion that diet and exercise are both very vital for optimum health but a perfect balance has to be maintained to ensure that there are no side effects. Thus he maintained a healthy diet which included the occasional junk food or his favourite sweet dishes which satisfied his sweet tooth. He also tried to follow a lifestyle where he would get some exercise each day. This exercise was not limited to lifting weights at the gym but it included a wide variety of activities. He would often go on long walks or jog. Even with a load of a job where most adults back out by giving an excuse of a hectic job. Rashid would still find time to exercise be it something as simple as playing football or cricket with his children. He was able to avoid diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, knee and back problems. Being active physically also led to an active social life as he would meet a lot of new people. This habit of his made his adult life relatively disease-free. Even in his 80s, Rashid was the most active among people of his age. He lived a long healthy life. The way he lived his life would have surely made his kaka proud of him.

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Shreya Sharma
So she sat with closed eyes and half believed herself in wonderland though she knew she had to open them again and all would change to a dull reality ✨ Shreya is the most disciplined member yet she's always there to cheer you up and motivate you. She is a woman of superior intellect and an interesting conversationalist. Being a keen observer helps her to understand various characters. Shreya thrives on her child-like demeanour but is never the one to shy away from speaking her mind when things seem unfair. She seeks to find magic in the mundane and whimsy in the ordinary. Sometimes cynical, mostly awkward she finds her escape in the pages of books hoping to be whisked away to an alternate reality.
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