Serendipity- Chapter 4 – Long lost friend

He began flipping through the playlist for Corporate Whales, his favourite series, and looking for an episode that he had not seen. Corporate Whales was all about entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to the “Whales” to obtain some...

Serendipity- Chapter 4 – Chat room conundrum

Ashu banged his fist on the table and said to himself “What the hell, I’ll do it. If that dimwit Amit can do it and come out unscathed surely I can do the same. I will earn...

Serendipity- Chapter 4 – A Ray of Hope

As he was searching for a new episode Ashu began thinking of his college days. How one night all of Ashu's friends had gathered in his room and were discussing their money-problems. His friend Amit had told...

Serendipity – Chapter 3 – Premonition

Inside the cab, as customary Ashu pulled out his earphones and plugged them in his phone. He opened a music app on his phone and without thinking clicked on the “surprise me” option which would play...

Serendipity- Chapter 3 – Bridge of life

He books the cab and waits for it, only in a few minutes a white Wagon R arrives. Ashu didn't realize when he boarded the cab and the driver started driving. After what he...

Serendipity- Chapter 4 – This is not for me

Euphoria is addictive. When one reaches and emotional high about something, logic often goes out the window. When it ends though, one comes crashing down to their senses and tends to regret the decisions made in the...

Serendipity- Chapter 3 – As it gets Darker

“I can totally do this", he said to himself. A wide smile spread across his face as he closed the cab booking app and put his phone away. He looked at his watch, it was almost 10:30...

Serendipity- Chapter 3 – Cant Go Further

He mumbles to himself, “Let’s get this over with” and clicks on the icon. An email from his bank titled urgent stared at him. With beads of perspiration beginning to form on his forehead he hesitantly opened...

Serendipity-Chapter 2 – Tomorrow is a better day

Ashu rolled his eyes and shut the laptop. He will deal with the email tomorrow. He took his bag and got up to leave. As he approached the exit he turned back and glanced at all the...

Serendipity-Chapter 2 – Legal Notice

He mumbles to himself, “Let’s get this over with” and clicks on the icon. An email from his bank titled urgent stared at him. With beads of perspiration beginning to form on his forehead he hesitantly opened the email. 
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