Reyansh continues to record untraceable deductions from the firm’s treasury since Shaurya joins him in the automobile repair shop. He endured for a long period of time until he reached his breaking point. He has had to pay debt in the magnitude of many times over in order to balance the company’s account with his own money, and now he couldn’t bear repaying God knows how much debt anymore. Just last month, he reimbursed almost half of his monthly remuneration in the shop’s purse since those went missing during the month. Now he has to do it again, his boss has started noticing something fishy. Following this menace that pained him to the marrow, he decided to fish out the evildoer. 

Reyansh tried so hard with a somewhat investigative watch and methods, still he couldn’t lay a hand on the culprit. However, he is convinced it could only be Shaurya. He hasn’t confronted Shaurya anyway because he fears their friendship could be at stake. It was atwenty-year old friendship. He worried he could lose it and so his plight was understandable. Reyansh thinks the best thing to do is to hit the nail on the head for Shaurya. So, he called his attention to what happened on a sorrowful evening. 

To Reyansh’s utmost surprise, Shaurya denied the allegation. He cried emotionally like a baby in Reyansh’s presence that he began to think he had done too badly to have confronted him. To close the bitter night, Shaurya threatens to break friendship with Reyansh. This got Reyansh emotional too. He has got no option than to keep quiet and ask Shaurya’s forgiveness.

As the snake he is, Shaurya decides to punish Reyansh for the confrontation. He cries crocodile to their boss that Reyansh has been the robber in the firm and promises to compensate on behalf of him, while he pleads to the boss to not give him over to police.. Shaurya also offers some amount to the boss. The man feels so bad that Reyansh has broken his trust… he dismisses him immediately from the job without giving a reason… Reyansh has no idea why this evil befell him. He feels it is the karma for keeping quiet for his friend’s bad deeds and theft… He was unaware that his friend has been the mastermind behind his woes.

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Nidhi B
I'm Nidhi Bhatia, currently a media student. I'm an avid writer and a big-time dog lover. I'm also into photography and graphic designing. My aim is to do something, no matter how small or big, to make this world a slightly better place.
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