Hare and Tortoise

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Mrs. James said as the bell rang. ”That’s going to be an easy assignment,” said Kishore to his friend Vishal.

Yes, I have a lot of ideas on how to go about it already!” he replied. Both the boys then headed out to sports practice where each would attempt to triumph at football.

Vishal and Kishore had been friends ever since they remember. Vishal was the star of the class, always stood first, teacher’s favourite and had an excellent academic performance. Kishore wasn’t very academically inclined and was sometimes rebuked by their teachers for incompetence in his studies. Their academic differences, however, did not affect their friendship, which was built on a mutual love for football.

Having recently entered the 10th standard, a critical and decisive year in the Indian academic system, the entire batch of students had been struck with the morbid fear of the board examinations. Vishal and Kishore, along with other students had attended the seminar conducted by their school principal to motivate the students to do well in this exam and bring laurels to their school. The principal talked a lot about the importance of hard work and how persistent efforts would lead to success.

He also talked about not stressing too much over the exam and working in a manner that brings ease of mind and to maintain confidence in one’s abilities. After that seminar, each student had a different thought process on how they would proceed with the preparations for this exam that had a ginormous syllabus to deal with. Vishal who knew he has been the class topper since kindergarten internalized the idea of confidence and believing in his abilities instead of being stressed about it. With Kishore, who lacked academic achievements, the idea of hard work and persistence resonated deeply. Each decided their own way of tackling this.

When Kishore met Vishal, he mentioned that persistent hard work from the beginning of the year will lead to success. Vishal quickly refuted his idea and said that was not his style of studying and that maintaining a balance of extracurriculars and homework, and studying right before exams, which he usually did, helps him remember better, would lead to better results. Both had their opinions but Kishore believed that he will achieve his success through dedication and hard work.

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Shreya Sharma
So she sat with closed eyes and half believed herself in wonderland though she knew she had to open them again and all would change to a dull reality ✨ Shreya is the most disciplined member yet she's always there to cheer you up and motivate you. She is a woman of superior intellect and an interesting conversationalist. Being a keen observer helps her to understand various characters. Shreya thrives on her child-like demeanour but is never the one to shy away from speaking her mind when things seem unfair. She seeks to find magic in the mundane and whimsy in the ordinary. Sometimes cynical, mostly awkward she finds her escape in the pages of books hoping to be whisked away to an alternate reality.
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