Lay a Trap and Find Out


Reyansh has worked his entire body off at work. It was evening and after taking a light cold shower, he decided to balance his books and head home for some rest. Alone in the workshop office, he met another huge shock. Some money has been missing again. That made him doze off sorrowfully before waking back to life shortly after from the crow of a cock that evening.

Reyansh gets increasingly worried with the untraceable theft going on in the firm. He has tried all in his head and capacity to nail the secret thief but not successfully. He ponders it on many occasions to confront Shaurya about the happenings but he was unconvinced in his spirit that a long-term friend like his would betray him for money. Not even in such a state that could send him to prison or make his boss lose the trust he has in him totally. After all, it was on the back of that same trust he rode to the shop. “Shaurya wouldn’t stoop so low”, he said to himself. Deep down in his heart, he knows it could only be Shaurya too. So he decided to set a trap for the secret thief. 

Reyansh confides in the workshop security guard, explains the situation to him and tips him some money from his monthly stipend to help fish out the culprit without leaving no signs and traces to any investigation both day and night. This made the man intensify his efforts and lay specific siege on the money box. The guard knows that whoever is perpetrating the act must be doing it in a hurry without paying attention to the surroundings. So, he attached a chain on the box and fixed that to a bell in his office such that once anyone opens the lock or makes the slightest touches on the box, the bell starts ringing. 

As always that afternoon, everyone was at work when Shaurya rushed in like who wants to drink water. Straight to the box he went and tried to unlock in a hurry. Once the guard hears the bell jingle in his office, he rushes down to the treasury office and catches him red handed. He handed him over to the boss and his friend Reyansh felt really disappointed in him. Immediately the news reached the boss, he called a brief meeting of employees where he pronounced terminating Shaurya. Reyansh looked on in the midst of the event. He couldn’t do anything about the termination.

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Nidhi B
I'm Nidhi Bhatia, currently a media student. I'm an avid writer and a big-time dog lover. I'm also into photography and graphic designing. My aim is to do something, no matter how small or big, to make this world a slightly better place.
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