Authors Guidebook

Storypedia is an initiative to create compelling stories based on the crowd authoring. Crowd Authoring is a concept in which multiple authors provide their own contributions for a story.

The author writes a part of the story and the other author continues it. To make this more interesting we are introducing interactivity in storylines, this will introduce various choices within the story which will help create different stories in different directions. Imagine this as the same story happening in parallel universes.

In an Infinite multiverse, there is no such thing as fiction

Scott Adsit

To simulate the reader’s thinking and be part of the story we provide multiple choices to him/her after every part of the story. The reader can choose an option which can take him to a different version of the same story. Sometimes, the stories can merge into one later.

If a reader wants to contribute his/her version of the story, he can very well do so by commenting in the storyline. This empowers the reader becomes the author and create a branch which will merge with the main story-line later. It could be also possible that a branch takes a different mode itself and become a story in a parallel universe.

The purpose of creating this platform was to encourage people to share their story connecting with the knowledge and experience of a cross-section of people to discover new ideas, new perspectives, insights and opportunities and to address the unique challenges they face. Be the character and play the part in the story itself. We always did this in childhood, didn’t we? But somehow lost the touch when we are adults.

When writing the story of your life don’t let anyone hold the pen

Why you should contribute to Storypedia

  • The reason you should contribute is because learning to write well is a valuable life skill which all of us need to master. The problem is that we are hesitant to share what we write on a public platform because we are scared of criticism.
  • Storypedia is a safe place, where you can get feedback from a supportive community, so you can improve with time. You can afford to fail multiple times, and because it’s digital, you can edit and change what you write as often as you like.
  • This exercise will help you spark your creativity, and getting feedback from readers will set up a positive virtuous cycle, which will help the story to get even better.
  • Equally importantly, you can provide feedback to other authors, and help them to get better as well.
  • As a student, budding author, or teacher, not only can you showcase your creativity, you can showcase your writing skills as well!

Important Tips

  • Try writing a story which is already published so you will know what are the possibilities of the coming parts and can merge the story into it.
  • Keep the story of similar length of his predecessor version, for e.g. if previous version is long form then write long forms, if it is short form then write short form.
  • Avoid using profanity in the language, Storypedia is open for all ages. A grammatical error can be accepted but profanity will deter your chance.
  • We love to see your creativity and imagination so please do not copy, plagiarize someones content. Make your own mark.

Framework – Rules and Regulations

  • Storypedia is an initiative and everyone is welcome to participate to contribute to it
  • Storypedia has various roles to offer from contributors, authors, subscribers, moderators
  • The author is selected by the Storypedia Moderators on the basis of his/her contribution and content
  • Once promoted to Author, he/she can submit multiple posts on the current story or create his own story also.
  • The author will be acknowledged on the platform for his/her contributions in the written by field.
  • Author free to mention about his/her contribution in his resume.
  • The contributions once submitted and published will be part of Storypedia and it will be the discretion of moderators and admin to modify/update/delete it.
  • Since this is a crowd authoring platform no single author can claim for the story rights and use it commercially/personally without the approval of the Storypedia Board.
  • It is a discretion of the moderator to accept someone as an author or keep it on hold.
  • Moderators can also dismiss an author from their duties if they are not contributing effectively for the growth of the platform.
  • An author should provide content created by him/her and should not copy any content from already published content online/offline. Such stories if found will be removed out from the platform with immediate effect. Also, an author can be dismissed from the duties post.
  • It not possible that all contributed stories could make up as part of the main story. Keep contributing there will be many plots where your experience and story can be the best fit.
  • Enjoy the platform and make it grow like our universe. “May the force be with you”

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