Serendipity- Chapter 3 – As it gets Darker


“I can totally do this”, he said to himself. A wide smile spread across his face as he closed the cab booking app and put his phone away. He looked at his watch, it was almost 10:30 PM. All the people working overtime would have left by now, it was only a matter of time before the night watchman came to do his usual round of the building and close all offices for the night. Ashu got up and turned off all lights in the office and retreated to his chair. It was only a two-minute wait before he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. In the absolute silence of the deserted office, he could hear everything. The jingling of a big bunch of keys and even the heavy breathing of the old watchman who was sweaty from climbing the staircase.

He crawled underneath his desk just in time to avoid a beam of light from the torch which moved across the room in a wide arch and heard a soft thud of the door being closed and the key being turned in the lock. He resumed his position on the chair and turned on a small desk lamp. The smile returned to his face even bigger. The thrill of being a rule breaker once instead of being an ideal citizen surged through him. Although he did break a rule this wasn’t similar to a schoolboy rebellion. He was very clear from the start that he did not go home to avoid the inevitable sadness he would feel being inside the four walls that could no longer be his. It was similar to visiting a sick person in the hospital where the chances of survival were slim.

This wasn’t the time or place to mope, he needed to find a solution to save his house. He spent the next two hours doing thorough research on the internet reading guidelines, rules, finding lawyers and checking bylaws trying to find any legal loophole that could redeem him.

After a tedious search which involved multiple sites and reading about the experience of people with a similar problem, he still couldn’t find a way out. It was however very clear to him that he needed money fast. His mind rushed back to his college days when he was in the company of students like him who were hard on cash. One particular night his friends had gathered in his room and were talking. The idle chatter had turned to a more sombre conversation when they began discussing money problems. Maybe there is something about the late hours of the night where people tend to be a bit more open and conversations become more personal than they would ever be during the day. On that particular night when Ashu and his friends were discussing their money woes one of his friend Amit told them that he had managed to get access to the dark web and was doing some betting on sports events to earn money. His bookie also gave him an assignment where he had to check into a hotel under a fake name and stay there for a night without asking any questions. The assignment was simple and the pay was handsome so Amit readily did the job and a few days later a brown envelope without a sender’s address arrived which contained a number of banknotes. Ashu vividly remembered what his friend had told him “I am not a bad person. I know the dark web can be a scary place but we’re smart enough to assess the risks, and it’s not like we will do something awful. Once you know where to draw the line it can be a very useful place to earn money quickly. Besides, I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t have an urgent need for money.” 

Ashu thought to himself “I have a perfectly valid reason and I know when to stop. This could be an opportunity to save my house. What is the worst that could happen?”

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Shreya Sharma
So she sat with closed eyes and half believed herself in wonderland though she knew she had to open them again and all would change to a dull reality ✨ Shreya is the most disciplined member yet she's always there to cheer you up and motivate you. She is a woman of superior intellect and an interesting conversationalist. Being a keen observer helps her to understand various characters. Shreya thrives on her child-like demeanour but is never the one to shy away from speaking her mind when things seem unfair. She seeks to find magic in the mundane and whimsy in the ordinary. Sometimes cynical, mostly awkward she finds her escape in the pages of books hoping to be whisked away to an alternate reality.
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