Serendipity- Chapter 4 – Long lost friend


He began flipping through the playlist for Corporate Whales, his favourite series, and looking for an episode that he had not seen. Corporate Whales was all about entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to the “Whales” to obtain some investment for their venture. He found an episode and clicked on it. As the theme music began to play a tall, thin man with thick glasses walked in. The voiceover said, “Our next bait facing the Whales is Siraj Apte hoping to obtain investment for his innovative technology. The name felt familiar to Ashu. As soon as the camera rested on the contestant’s face he instantly recognized him as his old friend from college. Like most people, he had lost touch with many of his friends. He watched the episode with keen interest. As it turned out, the day had been very beneficial for his friend. He was able to get an investment of one million dollars and walked out very happy.

Ashu had no idea that Siraj was in America let alone know about his business. He looked at the description to see the date on which the episode had aired. The date was three years ago, which surprised him even more. He quickly Googled to find out what his friend was up to these days. A bit of research revealed his friend won various collegiate entrepreneurship competitions. He was doing very well for himself these days and his company was valued at around 100 million dollars. He felt happy and proud that his friend had made it big.

Being a gangly but intelligent boy with thick glasses who constantly corrected peoples grammatical errors was no easy feat. Siraj constantly got beaten up by pubescent boys eager to flaunt their newly gained strength all through high school. He was pushed, shoved, flicked poked and beaten up just because he was not one of the largest boys around. The abuse continued in college, though it was more mental than physical. Although not the most handsome or brawny or even one with the best social skills Siraj still possessed a brilliant mind and a pure soul. He was always engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and gladly served as a teacher for all the students who came to him for help. His shaky confidence in himself would be restored when he would see the results each semester and see his name as the topper.

Ashu remembered one instance very clearly. In their third year, a group of hooligans who took the most pleasure in Siraj’s misery befriended him with the sole intention of taking his notes and essentially getting him to make their projects. Ashu who was on amicable terms with Siraj had seen this development and had told him about their intentions. However, Siraj who liked the increased attention brushed the matter off citing humans’ ability to change over time. During that time the college had revised its drugs and narcotics policy due to an increase in the number of students caught smoking and destroying property or getting themselves seriously injured. The college administration had vowed to catch people using and supplying drugs and suspend them.

One rainy afternoon the authorities were conducting a surprise check of the hostel rooms. While the search was being carried out Siraj stood outside his room with Ashu while the men went about their business. Siraj was not too bothered as he had nothing to hide and was breezily chatting away with Ashu when the authorities discovered a few needles and syringes and a big stash of weed in a plastic bag stored under Siraj’s mattress. This discovery had shaken Siraj as well as the authorities who couldn’t believe these items had been found in such an academically bright and dedicated students room. Siraj went through a tough time emotionally, he locked himself up in his room for the next two days and coming out only to plead in front of the authorities of his innocence. Ashu had tried to support Siraj as best as he could during this crisis, taking time off his classes to make sure that he was okay. He also was successful in convincing the authorities that Siraj was framed by one of the boys who bullied him. He personally helped in conducting an investigation in which the real culprit was found out, who had hidden the drugs in Siraj’s room to frame him.

The day he was acquitted of the accusation Siraj gave Ashu a big hug, and with teary eyes, he said, “Thank you so much Ashu. You have no idea how much what you have done means to me. If I was suspended, my entire career would have been ruined. Today I am nothing, but I promise you if you ever need me, do not hesitate to ask. No matter where I am I will always be there for you doing, whatever I can. I am deeply indebted to you and I will never forget this.”

Ashu still had Siraj’s email id although there was slim chance that the account would be active yet he wondered in the midst of his problems he could use a friend’s support. He thought should I message him?

Ashu still had Siraj’s email address although there was a slim chance that the account would be active yet. He wondered in the midst of his problems, he could use a friend’s support and think of mailing Siraj.

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Should Ashu email Siraj?

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Shreya Sharma
So she sat with closed eyes and half believed herself in wonderland though she knew she had to open them again and all would change to a dull reality ✨ Shreya is the most disciplined member yet she's always there to cheer you up and motivate you. She is a woman of superior intellect and an interesting conversationalist. Being a keen observer helps her to understand various characters. Shreya thrives on her child-like demeanour but is never the one to shy away from speaking her mind when things seem unfair. She seeks to find magic in the mundane and whimsy in the ordinary. Sometimes cynical, mostly awkward she finds her escape in the pages of books hoping to be whisked away to an alternate reality.
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