She doesn’t Pursue her Affair


George could not take his eyes off the charming and beautiful Fiona. He pesters her on a daily basis for a love affair. He gives gifts and packages every now and then to nail her and shift her attention from her faraway husband to himself. Fiona was never spending from her salaries again as what she gets from George was more than enough for a wife living alone far away from her husband in a self-contained apartment. None of these tricks ever seemed like working on Fiona really. But no, George would never give up or back down. He is a go-getter who fancies at least a chance on anything he desires. He tells it to her face virtually all the time that she would end up in his own house and on his bed. 

Months down the line, Fiona feels to see all that George does for her. Her frustration and discomfort grew terribly from those gestures. Yes, all thanks to him, she has been able to settle well in her new job and the new environment. Still she felt as though she is enjoying some benefits that have an immoral undertone. She considers the relationship with George unhealthy for her marriage and her innocent man living a few miles away from that atmosphere. There is an obvious need to curb an ever increasing chance of temptation. Fiona therefore thought to herself to find a solution early enough. She sent a message to George to see her at lunch.

It was the first of that kind of message George would get from her. He felt  excited and thought maybe Fiona was after that long considering his stance on a romantic relationship with her. He got to the lunch table minutes before Fiona. It is good to say the curiosity in his eyes is immeasurable. He has no idea someone is ready to throw away his glowing face and curious looks.. Not so long after he has been waiting, the young beauty flashes through a transparent door and he looked at her from there to the lunch table. “She is an outstanding beauty”, he soliloquized. 

Fiona moved quickly in her galloping but symmetrical stepping. She pounced on the lunch table in a flash and grinned mildly at George before the atmosphere changed. She perhaps forgot her manners in her office. Not a word of salutation. “George, I cannot do this anymore and I think I need to make it clear not to waste any more of your time and resources. I have a husband and I love him so much. Only a little fight and distance  caused the little difference between us. We will be good as friends and awesome companions. A romantic relationship between you and I is a no. I need to make it clear before it’s too late”. 

Everywhere went silent and the lunch ended quickly while George remained muted.. Fiona left him politely still. George stayed back to think about the whole thing and saw it as the truth and nothing more.

Finally, he decided to move on with her as friends. He sent her a text that she agreed to all she said. Funnily, George arranged for a transfer to a new office for her so both parties would enjoy emotional stability. All thanks to George’s influence too, Fiona got promoted, got a new apartment from the company and she was now able to invite her husband to the new city. Cool mature friends!

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Nidhi B
I'm Nidhi Bhatia, currently a media student. I'm an avid writer and a big-time dog lover. I'm also into photography and graphic designing. My aim is to do something, no matter how small or big, to make this world a slightly better place.
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