She Pursues Her Affair


Believe it when I say no one is infallible. A steadfast wait and perseverance expires when the right temptation comes. Fiona took a decision no one in her erstwhile village would ever concede she did. Like always, she sailed her choice’s ship and piloted her friendship’s airplane. She decided to leave her husband for  reasons only she could explain. After all, she had a reason for choosing him earlier. If she made a good choice it’s time to tell, and soon she was able to praise or pinch herself for designing her own fate the way she wanted.

Only a couple of months after settling with handsome George, Fiona began to regret her decision. Things didn’t pan out as envisioned. Despite George’s wealth and affluence, coupled with his attractive look, it always appeared to Fiona to have jumped from frying pan to fire. Maybe like she had taken a shortcut to hell too. Nothing turned out good as fights ensued over petty issues. Love seemed all like an obligation. It felt like there was no honesty in it at all.

The canoe moves with the same paddle on George’s island. He was never enjoying the love he saw when it all started. He is on an emotional roller coaster.. Worried about how displeased he is, he took some time off on a solemn evening to take a light stroll. Of course alone. He hadn’t walked a mile before he felt the fatigue. The burdens of thought within him seemed too heavy to lift for his straight body despite the supposed strength in his six packs. George could never tell what breeze blew him to sit on a rock under an acacia tree. Just some pinch of air on his fluffy hair and gentle scalp, he dozed off like a baby rabbit. 

The brief sleep took him through a journey of a million miles. He got his brilliant senses back on the way.. He realized he liked Fiona for her company and not anything near a romantic affection. Never would things work out well between him and Fiona as a couple. He had proposed to her only because he felt bad for her when she met her dripping tears on her beautiful office’s table. His sleep sent him hurriedly back to life to make amends. Just a five minutes of deep sleep, and it would mean a lot to his life already. He muttered as he stammered back to life. 

It was a good time for the two to have realized their mortal rather than natural desires. Things got  so bad that it only promised to get even worse. Fiona was ready to leave the horrible union. Now George wants out too. She had packed her things before George came back from his evening stroll. A coincidence? George said to her. She tried to find out what that means but he decided not to allow any storytelling. “The best is what you have chosen”, George mulled. They parted ways in a bitter regret that they allowed anything romantic to happen at first. Goodbye George!

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Nidhi B
I'm Nidhi Bhatia, currently a media student. I'm an avid writer and a big-time dog lover. I'm also into photography and graphic designing. My aim is to do something, no matter how small or big, to make this world a slightly better place.
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