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The Girl who Cried Lies

We are all eager to find the ideal person. The person we can fall in love with and be the social animal that we are. How do you meet this person?

The Two Pillars

Raising children with unconditional love means accepting your child and making them believe in your love. Unconditional love means that the parent fully accepts the child without any restrictions or reservations, right? But is it really what is happening around the world?

A Debtor that Never Pays

Fredrick and Dwayne are two close businessmen and friends. They both invested in farming and their poultry business made them famous over and above their agricultural ventures and produce.

The Creepy Lie-Buster

The night is slowly crawling in. It is dawning on Mohandas as his last breath beckons. Still, he has so much to do handing family heritages over to his kids as proposed by tradition. With the few words left in his mouth, he calls on Arjun and Sai in his shaky mutters.

Nailing the Betrayal

Reyansh and Shaurya are two jolly friends in Majuli village, Assam India. They are so fond of themselves that villagers know that the other is around once they see one of them. The same applies to their parents. The two families are so close that the bond between them seems like that of a snail and its shell. This is their story.

The Clever Fox

The world is full of people who are kind enough to help others out. It is fair to say that everyone in this little planet needs help in one way or another. People who are kind enough to help others, they usually forget when to stop – and this is how they get used. While there are people who are genuinely deserving our help in this world, some are here to just use us.

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