Jealousy, this word might end in a single breath but can penetrate deeper than a 9mm bullet. It has ruined countless lives and maybe that’s why it was called The Green-Eyed Monster by Shakespeare. The disease of jealousy disables people’s ability to think and make decisions – and most of the time, our children are the victim of it. We shouldn’t be shocked – because that’s how it goes from the world we are from. 

This story revolves around three kids, Maria, Kumar, and Sarah. Three wonderful bright kids, having a lot to hold on from what they call future. Growing up, this trio had the time of their lives, through muddy puddles to fancy birthday parties – they had it all.  Those late meetups at night always worked pretty well when they had to plan the convincing power onto their parents for granting permission to stay over. It was all perfect, their friendship, the way their parents got along so well. It was like a big family, with love care and… jealousy?

Maria was an intelligent child and well brought up by her parents. She was a bright student and was a girl of interest. With a keen interest in algorithms, Maria had always dreamt of herself to be a software engineer. This might be a little off for a girl to be an engineer, as the stereotypes roar high, but Maria’s parents were all the support she ever called out for. It was like a warm hug of scented air she felt, as she chose the field of software engineering at the start line of her university life. 

Kumar, the handsome who had all the girls talking about him. He was smart with his words and had a way with poetry. It was as if he spoke rose petals, the power in his speech and scribbled words were everything he was known by. With filled journals of poetry and imaginative stories stacking up on his shelf, something happened which didn’t feel right to him. His parents always wanted him to be like Maria. His parents were all about matching the calibre and wondering why was Maria the kid who was known for her intelligence and not Kumar (completely ignoring his magic of words). When it was time for his university, he wanted to peruse his major in literature, which was his long-lived dream. It all came crashing down when Kumar’s parents presented their wish to see him as an engineer. It was as if there was a crushed rib in a body that couldn’t even scream for help. He knew why they had this wish, it wasn’t because they wanted it from the start – it was because Maria had it, while Kumar’s parents only showcased their jealousy in attaining the best they saw in Maria for their kid as well. After a night spent in the moonlight, under the clear sky, he gave up his dream as he felt something crack inside his chest for the sake of his parents. There you have it, two engineers in making. Exciting enough?

The jolly Sarah was the one with adventures. The crazy inside her used to come out whenever she was out with her friends. Her parents were ones with vibrant vocals who could make a soul groove. With parents being singers, they wanted Sarah to be trained in the music industry. It wasn’t her cup of tea -but she wasn’t opposed to it either. Not happy, neither sad, she started her training, counting steps towards being a musician. 

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These three went on with their new lives, but how did they do?

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Nidhi B
I'm Nidhi Bhatia, currently a media student. I'm an avid writer and a big-time dog lover. I'm also into photography and graphic designing. My aim is to do something, no matter how small or big, to make this world a slightly better place.
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