The night is slowly crawling in. It is dawning on Mohandas as his last breath beckons. Still, he has so much to do handing family heritages over to his kids as proposed by tradition. With the few words left in his mouth, he calls on Arjun and Sai in his shaky mutters. The two brothers knew something was about to happen given the frequency of the calls, what exactly, however, is beyond their ordinary human minds. Only Sai perceives maybe the life-giver is probably about to take it from his father. One could read the look on his face. He seems to understand life much more than his younger brother, Arjun. Yet, he has absolutely little to worry about. Mohandas is almost the eldest in his family line having celebrated his 80th birthday only a few weeks ago. Whatever happens, would be considered fair on all even though a loss is still going to be painful.

Mohandas mutters gently that he wants the two brothers to listen attentively. “I have waited so much for this day and now it is here. You both could see I am not as energetic anymore to handle family businesses overseas and our properties back here. I have therefore decided to share those between you two and especially designate who to handle my business abroad”.

The two brothers raise their heads up in high hopes. Both would like to go abroad but it is only a matter of seconds before they learn who exactly will. Mohandas continues.., “so Sai, you will have to travel abroad. Get the first flight to the United States next week and oversee the family business. On top of this, you will own the family land from the close boundary to the river bank, and Arjun from the river bank to the farther boundary. I advise you to take good care of this inheritance so you would be able to do exactly as I do to you today to your kids in years to come”.

Shortly after, Mohandas breathes his last. A huge noise erupts in the yard for his demise. A quick burial arrangement was made before the coming week so Sai would experience the ceremony and pay his last respects before embarking on his journey to the new land.

Finally, the D-day arrives. Sai is already at the airport but Arjun has a request before his brother goes aboard the plane. “Brother”, he said in a solemn voice as he gave him a weak look directly into his eager eyes. “I want you to put me in charge of the lands since you will be travelling abroad”. Sai paused for a few seconds. He feels Arjun’s idea is a thoughtful one. Of course if in his custody, he would be able to monitor the properties well. In one voice and his entirely good heart, Sai gives a direct answer for Arjun to take over the land and manage them till he comes back. He backs his words up with the power of attorney. Shortly after, the two brothers bade themselves farewell as Sai’s plane flies so high in the sky.

Ten years down the line, Arjun has been making a living from the lands in his custody. He sold everything possessed by his brother. He was still jealous of the decision of their father to pick Sai to go abroad over him. At least, he has a better education but that still didn’t work in his favour.

It was a merry afternoon that ended up in mixed feelings for Arjun when he heard his brother knock and flung the door open while he was drinking beer with roasted bush meats. He never expected to see a figure like Sai but still showed some cheerfulness as he welcomed his brother with a warm embrace. That was followed by awesome discussions that ensued till the night. None of them knew it was 1:00 am. They had to end the talks and go to bed.

Sai was probably suspicious of his brother. He couldn’t sleep a deep sleep all night. He wakes very early and asks Arjun of his properties in his care. He must have smelled foul. He wasn’t surprised when Arjun begins telling stories and rhetoric of how they were disturbed with floods and the losses that ensued. He concluded that he had to sell his brother’s lands to make up for the resulting losses from the flood. Sai sees through the lie. He ponders on what exactly to do.

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What should Sai do?

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Nidhi B
I'm Nidhi Bhatia, currently a media student. I'm an avid writer and a big-time dog lover. I'm also into photography and graphic designing. My aim is to do something, no matter how small or big, to make this world a slightly better place.
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