The Extraordinary Dreams of An Ordinary Boy


It’s a remarkable story of a common middle-class family of Mr Rakesh Arora and Mrs Tulsi Arora. They were blessed with a son Raj Arora. Raj was an intelligent student. From his early childhood, he always excelled in academics. So his parents were proud of him. He was not only a straight-A student but also excellent in different other fields, including Sports, Music, and Dancing as well. As a result, he was one of the most popular students in his school. Every teacher liked him, especially his math teacher, Mr Sunil. He always encouraged him by saying, “I am sure this year you are going to make everyone proud because of your result. Raj, you can easily clear 10th Boards with good marks”. Mr and Mrs Arora were a bit worried about their child’s future. They asked Raj about his future dreams, what he was planning to do after the 10th, which subject he would like to choose. Raj politely replied that he would love to choose science because he wanted to become a cardiologist. His parents were thrilled after listening to his future goals.

Raj completed his 10th boards with 98% marks and secured 1st position not only in his school but also in the entire state. After completing his class 10th, he took Bio-Science and started preparing for his Medical Entrance Exam. In class 11th, he started realizing that the competition level of the medical entrance exam was very high, and he had to study more for getting a good rank in the Medical Entrance Exam. Raj asked his parents to provide him tuition classes, and they agreed. He scored really well because of his hard work. Raj got 96% in class 11th and 99% in class 12th boards.

After getting 99% on the 12th boards, he applied for Medical Entrance Exam. He worked very hard and scored AIR 124. He got selected to the college of his dreams. Raj was pretty excited about his college life. He thought that his new college life would be much easier than his previous school life, and finally, he could have some fun with his friends. He was also dreaming of scoring good grades to achieve his dream and become a good doctor. 

When he entered his new college, he was amazed by everything. All the things he saw were completely different and far better than in his school. His first day in college was very smooth; he attended his lecture and made many new friends. After a few days, Raj got a party invitation from one of his classmates, Amit. Raj happily accepted his invitation and visited the club with his new group of friends for the first time. After that day, Raj started to hang out more often with his new group of friends, and gradually Raj’s grades began to fall. Raj started to bunk his lectures and used to spend much less time in his studies. Raj’s parents noticed his downfall in his studies, and both of them were shocked to see the awful scores of their son.

One fine morning Raj’s parents came to visit their son, and then they found out that Raj was not in his class. They both became furious. His dad immediately called him and asked him to meet them in the cafeteria. When Raj came, his parents told him to stay away from his new friends because they were ruining his studies, and because of his new habit of parties, his grades were falling. So, for his betterment, he should avoid his friends and start studying for his upcoming exams to fulfill his future goals. But Raj was reluctant, and he thought he could manage his semester exam without breaking his friendship ties.

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Nidhi B
I'm Nidhi Bhatia, currently a media student. I'm an avid writer and a big-time dog lover. I'm also into photography and graphic designing. My aim is to do something, no matter how small or big, to make this world a slightly better place.
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