We are all eager to find the ideal person. The person we can fall in love with and be the social animal that we are. How do you meet this person? You can find love anywhere. Whether it is in your college or on the internet. You will find the person you are meant to be with and nothing will break you guys apart, other than lies, cheating and jealousy. 

There was a girl named Hannah. Like every other girl in this world, she was held hostage by her own insecurities. She never liked the person staring back at her in the mirror. With a lot of hate, she always thought that nobody would like her just because she wasn’t beautiful on the outside. Hannah always looked at girls with eyes of amazement. The way they had full lips, their fair complexion, long silky hair and a tiny waist. She wished to have all those things – but she knew it was impossible to be like them because she wasn’t just made like that. This thought always played in the back of her mind, and she agreed that she would never get a person to love her for who she was. 

Hannah since her childhood had low self-esteem and low self-confidence. This being the reason, she always chose to talk to people online and never hung out with people in person. Hannah would randomly talk to people on the internet. She never shared pictures with them, because she feared people would hate her for it. She would talk to them till it was fun, and turn it off when they would ask for pictures or anything that required her to reveal her looks. In her cycle of having fun, she stumbled upon a guy named Zack who was very handsome and had humour which matched and sparked with Hannah’s. They started talking off normally, but it escalated really quick. He never asked for her pictures at the start, which let them towards deeper conversations, where both of them started to like each other for who they were as a person. Hannah completely forgot about all her insecurities during this time as they talked their heart out. After two months of continuous talking over voice calls and text messages, Zack asked for a picture. This thing came thundering down on Hannah as over the months she developed a bond with Zack that she didn’t want to break. She wanted to show him what she looked like but – she knew a guy that handsome would never want to be with a girl like her. This worry led her towards the hunt for a random profile on Facebook with a bunch of pictures. Hannah stumbled upon the profile of a girl who looked cute and had a decent number of pictures uploaded. What made that girl the best victim was the fact that she didn’t have enough followers to be known by many and very loose privacy. 

Time went by and Hannah used the pictures of that girl, portraying the other girl like herself. Zack loved the pictures and soon they fell in love. The bond was strong. Hannah had doubts in her heart but she didn’t want to ruin the relationship and the feeling of being loved. It was a warm Sunday night, where they were both regretting the distance between their countries when suddenly Zack broke the surprise “I am coming to meet you”. “WHAT?” said Hannah. She wasn’t happy because she knew it was time where things will start slipping out of her hand. 

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The girl who uses fake pictures, but loves the guy unconditionally, what do you think is the right thing to do here? Does she meet him and let him hate her, or does she cancel the plan and break up with him before they meet?

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Nidhi B
I'm Nidhi Bhatia, currently a media student. I'm an avid writer and a big-time dog lover. I'm also into photography and graphic designing. My aim is to do something, no matter how small or big, to make this world a slightly better place.
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We are all eager to find the ideal person. The person we can fall in love with and be the social animal that we are. How do you meet this person?
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