Some people say that money is the source of all evil. Others say that life without money is what makes people do evil things. However, the first opinion expressed by St. Augustine was as that “love of money” or “greed” was the culprit”.  Being greedy is like a transparent sin that people don’t even know they are guilty of. Many of us are guilty of this – but this is why many of us are crying and wondering why are they left behind.  

Our story revolves around a beautiful happily married couple. Their life is like the lives shown on movies. A beautiful family with two adorable kids. Every Sunday morning, they would watch the flower bloom, where they appreciate their life – they couldn’t have asked for anything more. Or could they? 

Kumar is a person of this nature and loves his family dearly. He is a chartered accountant with an average salary that enables him to meet his ends easily at the end of the month. He is happy for the fact that he can provide for his family and can have the touch of satisfaction in his life. He could never call it a night without asking Maria, his wife all about her day and what she did. Maria is woman of charm. She’s active socially and likes being the center of attention. Kumar finds her being talkative very cute – because this is why he fell for her. 

Maria always had elite friends, and they weren’t just any friends. Some were industrialists, some stock brokers and much more. It was in her system to be the talk of the town. Even though she knew that Kumar was earning an average amount, she always wanted him to go a step further, which is very good for an encouraging wife to do.  She would always talk to him about stock brokering and how they could become rich in no time. Kumar always laughed it off and said that the earning he has is enough as long as he can make his family happy. 

Maria being herself, she once made it ultimate goal to convince Kumar, because she knew he wouldn’t say no to her. “why can’t you try stock brokering for real once? I see all my friends being wealthy and it kills me to see that I can’t have all what they have”. Said Maria with big puppy eyes.

Kumar kind of knew that her wanting a better life was not a bad thing and he also had an idea of stock market since he had a firm grip being in finance but had never tried it. He always wanted to get out of his comfort zone and try new things, but never really did it – but now looking at her puppy eyes, he made up his mind. They tried a small amount in stock brokering which resulted in a big return.. Maria rolled her eyes at him giving hints how she had been right all this time. They were happy and loved how the amount doubled – it was all good and fun for Kumar’s family, and the best thing was that he was satisfied too.

It made him happy seeing that he finally did something out of the usual, and Maria saw this happiness grow in him. This is when she asked Kumar to invest all the money they had been saving till date and get all that they have ever wanted. They got lucky with it again. This kind of shook Kumar and he didn’t know what to do. Maria tried convincing him that how listening to her made their life better than it was before and doing it again would only make it better from here. With cigarette smoke coming out of Kumar’s mouth, he thought deep on what he wanted to do.

Choose your answer to proceed

Would it be okay to invest everything they have been saving and perhaps have a better life or stay this way?

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Nidhi B
I'm Nidhi Bhatia, currently a media student. I'm an avid writer and a big-time dog lover. I'm also into photography and graphic designing. My aim is to do something, no matter how small or big, to make this world a slightly better place.
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