Raising children with unconditional love means accepting your child and making them believe in your love. Unconditional love means that the parent fully accepts the child without any restrictions or reservations, right? But is it really what is happening around the world? As harsh as it may sound, parents are responsible for delivering hatred or love in the hearts and minds of their children.

Our story revolves around a father of two beautiful daughters. Sana and Kiran, they were both pretty friendly when it came to sharing their secrets with one another. Even though Sana was older, their relationship was very casual. Sana was the elder one, and we know how elder ones are more responsible amongst the other siblings. She was, without doubt, the smartest and the prettier one. Being more liked by her father, she had adopted a personality which let her search colours within herself. Sana was ambitious and looked forward to things, just like her father. While on the other hand, Kiran was the opposite of Sana. She was very rebellious. She had her own world and lived life on her own terms, that’s the way she liked it. Her careless attitude always bothered her father which was why her father always put her second. She always felt it, but never voiced it out.

The father was a well-known businessman with a firebrand business running on the highs. Everything was going fine until one day, the father thought about handling his business over to his daughters. He knew what he wanted to do, with his inclination towards Sana, he wanted her to handle his business because she was smart and also his favourite. 

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Even after being the father of two daughters, do you think the businessman made the right decision? What would have happened if he hadn’t made this decision and chosen to hold hands with equality?

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Nidhi B
I'm Nidhi Bhatia, currently a media student. I'm an avid writer and a big-time dog lover. I'm also into photography and graphic designing. My aim is to do something, no matter how small or big, to make this world a slightly better place.
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