Everyone wishes to have a long life. To achieve this, the kind of lifestyle we follow becomes of utmost importance. It is indeed true that all progress takes place outside the comfort zone. Certain tough decisions must be made in the pursuit of longevity. For the ones willing to commit, these decisions often involve diet and exercise. Hundreds of different trainers and dieticians claim they have the perfect method for achieving optimum health. As a result, there are hundreds of people following different paths all in the hope of leading to the same destination. Such was also the case with three friends Amita, Kunal and Rashid. The three friends had all grown up together, playing and running around the streets of Indore. Sometimes after playing the three friends would go to visit an old man fondly referred to as “Kaka” by the children. He was an old man who used to live alone and was independent. Seeing these three kids used to make his day. As he had no children of his own he used to make efforts to improve the lives of these kids. He often used to tell the kids the importance of being fit and avoiding illness. As the children turned teens their beloved Kaka passed away having lived a full life of 94 years. His death had a significant impact on the three friends. It dawned on them that since their body was going through adolescence it was the right time to decide what was best for them and take strict measures to implement it. 

They decided that they will work upon their health and will keep their promises made to “Kaka” in being the best form as possible. However, they had their own understanding of what health means to them, Amrita felt that having a physique like celebrities is the way to go and one needs to keep them in that shape for better health. She was influenced by celebrities a lot. Kunal, on the other hand, felt that bodybuilders are the fittest individuals in the world and if one follows them can achieve the best health ever. Rashid was a bit undecided and felt that one should look into health as physical and mental and take steps accordingly. Three different paths were chosen by three different individuals each hoping to attain optimum well-being.

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Shreya Sharma
So she sat with closed eyes and half believed herself in wonderland though she knew she had to open them again and all would change to a dull reality ✨ Shreya is the most disciplined member yet she's always there to cheer you up and motivate you. She is a woman of superior intellect and an interesting conversationalist. Being a keen observer helps her to understand various characters. Shreya thrives on her child-like demeanour but is never the one to shy away from speaking her mind when things seem unfair. She seeks to find magic in the mundane and whimsy in the ordinary. Sometimes cynical, mostly awkward she finds her escape in the pages of books hoping to be whisked away to an alternate reality.
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